Tyne Valley MTB Cycling

Tyne Valley MTB Cycling

Tyne Valley MTB was created in June 2009 by a small group of mountain biking enthusiasts based in the Tyne Valley and nearby. New members are welcome. Take a look at what we do and get in touch with the voluntary organiser if you would like more information or you would like to join a ride before becoming a member. New website coming soon.

Tyne Valley MTB mainly caters for two levels of MTBers:

  • MTB level 1 - capable, competent and fit
  • MTB level 2 - keen, seeking more experience and improving fitness

A youth section may well follow in due course but 14 years olds who can ride at or above the appropriate skills level outlined above, in the company of an adult who is responsible for them, will be made most welcome on either category of rides.

Tyne Valley MTB is based in the Tyne Valley but open to MTBers in the wider region. It exists for its members to:

  1. provide opportunities for MTB enthusiasts to ride together & share route information
  2. campaign/negotiate for new and/or improved routes and facilities
  3. physically help repair or build routes for mountain biking
  4. create a means to apply for and receive funding to help achieve aims 2 & 3

The club's programme mirrors these aims whenever possible. The club co-ordinates rides for fit and competent MTBers and also for less skilful cyclists more or less split thus:

  • Wednesday evening rides between April and early September
  • Thursday evening rides most of the year
  • Saturday or Sunday half day or full day rides every fortnight or as required
  • Weekend and 3 day trips to ride further afield
  • A trans-Alps mountain biking tour every year - an ambitious and challenging multi-week linear end to end route is under development

Members are not obliged to do any of the above other than pay their annual subs and add their name to a list of MTBers willing to give a degree of payback to the sport we all enjoy.  Anyone who is already a paid up member of another relevant club can opt for free membership for one year. Existing MTB clubs can affiliate at no cost.

Tyne Valley MTB is fully constituted with named voluntary officers. Voting takes place at its AGM. It has a bank account and all members  receive audited accounts at the AGM. Membership fees are currently £5 pa and cover basic costs including affilliate membership of IMBA-UK (The International Mountain Biking Association). The membership fee will be reviewed annually.

Tyne Valley MTB has prepared the following policy documents which are available for inspection by members and other interested parties:

Constitution Health & Safety Policy – applies to trail building and field work Project Working Practices Equality Statement Sustainability Policy

There is already an identified list of potential MTB development projects in and around the Tyne Valley which includes new build, route creation and route clearance. These projects are more likely to go ahead with voluntary input and support which Tyne Valley MTB can provide.

More information about past events and future plans can be found in our 2012 Report »

Tyne Valley MTB members will have the opportunity to ride the best MTB routes in the north of England and rides will take place in other parts of the UK and in the Alps.  Further benefits will be added.

Everyone is welcome to join Tyne Valley MTB and attend regular rides IF they choose


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