In the Tracks of the Monks to Holy Island - route 2

CLICK ABOVE FOR DOWNLOAD. Circular Cycle Ride from Berwick Upon Tweed - part of a set of 5 The Main Route (35.4 miles) From Berwick follow NCN1 down the coast through Cheswick (o.e. cheese village) and Goswick (o.e. goose village) all the way to Holy Island. Return to Berwick via Beal, Ancroft and West Allerdean.

The ride down the coast from Berwick to Holy Island is a scenic delight of the highest
order .  Unfortunately the standard of the cycle paths is far from acceptable so use a
sturdy tourer , hybrid or mountain bike.  Before planning this ride check the safe cross
ing times by phoning Berwick TIC on 01289 330733 or at

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