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Longhorsley, Northumberland, NE65

Cycle with Jan offers Bikeability and cycle confidence training for anyone, new, returning to, or just thinking about cycling, to brush up on their cycling skills to cycling confidently and safely on the road. Cycle With Jan is a registered Bikeability Instructor and Provider, Fitness Instructor and Personal Trainer, offering individuals and groups of children or adults, new or returning to cycling, cycle training on a 1:1 basis or in small groups up to 6 cyclists.




We offer training in:

  • - Balance
  • - Confidence training
  • - Coaching for cyclists with a disability or particular needs
  • - Motivation and overcoming barriers to cycling
  • - Bikeability on roads and in traffic
  • - Bespoke cycle training packages
  • - Supported bike rides
  • - Support with fitness training
  • - Support with cycling to work

Jan works with individuals or groups, for cyclists with an ordinary or electric bike. Teaching is tailored to learner requirements. Initially it will be off road, away from traffic in enclosed paved areas until sufficient confidence is gained to venture onto roads. The training location is chosen by mutual agreement and will be fully risk assessed.

Why cycle?

Cycling will help you to gain a new life skill which will give you confidence, fitness, fresh air, and the opportunity to enjoy free transport and, the ability to join with other cyclists confidently and safely whilst improving your health and wellbeing.

Confident cycling opens up opportunities to:

  • - keep fit and healthy
  • - cycle as a sport
  • - cycle as a social activity
  • - get a new hobby
  • - get to places on non motorised transport
  • - be part of the green transport revolution
  • - commute to work
  • - participate in recreational days out or cycling holidays
  • - access the countryside
  • - participate in other more specific cycling activities, i.e. mountain biking, road cycling

Cycling also benefits society with fewer carbon emissions and is great for our health and wellbeing !

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