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Northumbria Vikings Cycle Speedway Club

have arisen from the ashes this year!

New news for some old news for others!

Northumbria CSC

For the Record

According to Wikipedia, the last coming of "...the Viking Age began dramatically on 8 June 793 ad when Vikings destroyed the abbey on Lindisfarne". Well, the latest began on 22nd February 2011 at Newcastle Central Library when several Veteran Vikings from the NCSC of yesteryear destroyed a cake or three in the cafe!


The old Newcastle Cycle Speedway Club has been regenerated over twenty years after going into cold storage and is back to full-scale League racing again in 2013! But this time we've moved home to the brilliantly bike-aware Cramlington New Town, the safest cycling town in the North, into the grounds of the Learning Village. We have fantastic support from the School, Sporting Club, Blyth Valley Arts & Leisure and the Town Council.


Vikings Head Coach and Funding Officer Richard Smith has spawned his brainchild, the Cramlington Bike Hub with the above three local organisations joining the Tony Blair Foundation, Northumberland County Council and ourselves as we set out to provide a lasting and successful cycle racing adventure for the population of Northumbria. The fabulous folk at the Town Council will become the most recent members of the Hub.

British Cycling

Cycle Speedway was absorbed into the British Cycling domain some years ago with all clubs now having to register and adopt a fresh set of regulations. The Vikings are no exception and following on from our signup and the terrific local response to building a track here, we have also become a BC GoRide Club. This particular genre sees us gearing up to provide professional coaching to Under 16s with a view to producing future champions, whether or not they chose to remain in Cycle Speedway or move on to another BC discipline.

Join us!

We are currently starting out on a massive push to attract new riders, coaches, officials and match day helpers. If you like the idea of getting involved, simply turn up or send an e-mail or text, bikes and kit provided free.

Click here for their Cycle PaD listing

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