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Courtesy of www.skedaddle.co.uk

Courtesy of www.skedaddle.co.uk

New updates for Cycle PaD cycle routes!

Cycle PaD’s website bod has been busy tweaking the site so we can now start showing cycle services close to a cycle route.

It's early days and the Cycle PaD team have to get busy adding all the existing and some NEW cycle routes to the site!

We have added shiny new buttons on the cycle routes pages to allow you to search for nearby services as well as new routes. You will be able to find the nearest bike shop, tea room or pub to the route you are looking at.
Also we have made it easier for you to seaqrch for a route by adding searches by Grade, Distance, Type and Destination!
Just give us a little time to start adding the routes, we just wanted to let you know the exciting developments at Cycle PaD HQ! 

As always if you have a route that you know about that we don't list let us know.

The Cycle PaD Team

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