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Cycling Tynedale Newsletter Feb 2013

February 2013 Newsletter

Cycling Tynedale:  February 2013


Dear Cycling Tynedale supporter,


As per the original vision, the two CyTy originators recognise that CyTy is being seen as a medium to make good things happen to create new, or improve existing, cycling facilities and services in the Tyne Valley and surrounding areas. Being only 4 months old, CyTy is very young in its life and has much growing to do in terms of structure, load sharing and agreeing our core focus. What we tackle over the coming months and how we tackle it is focusing our minds so caution and care have to be our watchwords.

We readily accept these are hugely important considerations which we have hardly begun to address having concentrated to date on gathering a body of supporters, building and launching a website, assembling policy documents to use as benchmarks and tackling pressing issues for cycling on a number of fronts.

It is recognised some supporters see CyTy as a means to have wider involvement in the community and we are really encouraged that several supporters have come forward to offer leadership in some regards as we hoped would happen. These offers are particularly welcome yet more offers of involvement are necessary as CyTy can only grow its undoubted potential through a team approach. As someone who supports CyTy’s aims, your role is hugely important and we will be in touch again before too long to ask for your opinions.

  1. 1.     News updates

All new Cycling Website for Northumberland National Park and Beyond launches 7th March 2013. The Cycle PaD, a one-stop online knowledge shop bringing together everything cyclists might need to know about Northumberland is launching on 7th March to welcome in the new visitor season.

Supported by Northumberland National Park Authority Sustainable Development Fund and Visit Northumberland, www.cyclepad.org.uk is a new social enterprise set up to coordinate cycling resources in the area. The Cycle PaD (Portal and Directory) will provide a central point for the wealth of cycling equipment and event providers, routes and guides that the National Park National Park and the county has to offer.

Run as a not-for-profit business, with a firm commercial base for sustainability, The Cycle PaD is an information resource to assist any group, individual, business or public body to get the very best out of cycling amongst the best of the county’s quiet roads and stunning landscapes.

Cycling Tynedale and Tyne Valley MTB will both have presence on this site and we are contributing behind the scenes.  

2. Raising the profile

This link is cracking and typical of the sort of press cycling is getting which puts pressure on the rural bodies that have not (or only partially) delivered to date.

  1. 3.     Please comment

NCC is consulting on its Core Strategy – if our concerns aren’t in it when it’s finally agreed then they won’t be considered so it’s up to us to make sure our concerns are registered. It’s more a Chore Strategy but please try to set a little time aside before 7th March and submit some comments re cycling. You will need to register first.


Cycling needs to be embedded into all NCC policies

All policies re cycling should be implemented not just token statements

Attention must be given to cycling county-wide not just SE N’land

Road state for NCN routes should be prioritised

Missing links should be prioritised

Lateral thinking solutions for improving safety for cyclists should be implemented

Cycleability training should be widely available

  1. 4.      SAD NEWS

The Bike Shop in Hexham has closed down. John Swan the owner manager fought hard to keep his business afloat but the might of the internet was too great. We would like to thank John ad Tom for their best endeavours over the years and wish them both the very best for whatever the future holds for them.

  1. 5.     Bike rides – test road ride THIS Saturday! All welcome

Several supporters have asked about social cycle rides for different standards and distances including an all female group but we had thought it was probably best to wait until Easter time to try these out. During the main Winter months Tyne Valley MTB club is only arranging a few visits occasionally to trail centres and not riding natural trails until they dry up a great deal. 

Some of us keen ones cycle all year but not flat out for 6 hours at a go! Take a look at this if you fancy a decent social road bike ride with 2 options on Saturday 30th February (OK, I mean the 2nd March). 

Ted is organising a test ride on road bikes of the proposed Lead Road Route between Hexhamshire and Blaydon and extends a warm invitation to cyclists to join this ride.

Standard: For quite fit cyclists / Forecast is for white cloud with a slight westerly wind.

Date: 2nd March   /   Meet: Corbridge carpark (south side of the river)     Time: 10-30am

Route: Incrementally ascending into Hexhamshire along the B6307 then following the Lead Road we head east before gently descending to Apperley Dene cross roads. 

OPTION 1: Turn left via Wheelbirks (tearoom) then Hindley to Stocksfield and over the River Tyne to Bywell to return back to Corbridge using NCN Route 72 OR catch the train with your bike.  33 km / 20 miles including tearoom

OPTION 2: Climb gently at first then steeply up to Hedley on the stonking Hill from where the route descends continually and acceptably to Blaydon, still on the Lead Road, to turn west again close to Path Head Mill and avoiding Blaydon itself. We join NCN Route 72 at old Ryton (not to be confused with Ryton on the Wall which is another name for graffiti) then ride easily to Wylam (tearoom). NCN Route 72 is followed back to Corbridge OR catch the next train with your bike.  57 km (35 miles) but it won’t be a race!

Ryton start: For those living in Newcastle / Gateshead – at 9-15am cycle from the most northern of two churches in Old Ryton (GR 152 048) to Corbridge to RV there at 10-30am.

Bike taxi lift up to highest point? Phone Ecocabs on 600600 by Friday with numbers and ask for a price. ETA at GR 952 566 is 11.00 to 11-15am (Sharp left turn at corner of Slaley Forest (small carpark)   

Ride contact: Ted Liddle 01434 673038 / mob: 07548 070943 (no signal at home)

- Please let Ted know by 6pm Friday evening if you are coming and preferred starting point.

- Please don’t wear colours that will make you blend into the scenery – literally!

- Even if evident, the sun is still low so make sure you will be warm enough

- Info for future rides for this standard may not be so detailed!

Cycling Tynedale



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